pumpkin patch...finally

we went to lombardi ranch a couple weekends ago.
it was crazy crowded, but still fun.

jail time. haha.

reach for the sky!
going to the top of the hay pyramid
waving to daddy
jumping off the hay bales! his fave part of the day.

on the hunt for the perfect white pumpkin.

no showing me the one he wanted.


lovin' on daddy


silly boys. they would not sit still for a pic.

my lil' monkey, with a black eye :(
i put a band-aid on it to hide the severeness of it, but we still got some funny looks, questions, and even some gasps from others.
seriously?! as if we socked our 3 year old in the face! kinda made me mad, but whatever.

again, not wanting to take pictures.

this one makes me laugh.
bro did not wanna take pics, he wanted to jump the hay bales.
look at that attitude!

my niece, bella.

no, bro, and cousin ethan (or easton as noah says)
these smiles make me happy.

sweet brothers


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

such a cute family! love the pics!
happy autumn, friend!! :)

Kirra Sue said...

aw. makes me miss home so bad. went every year to lombardi's. and wait- how do you know ilene?!!!

c. griffith said...

ilene- thanks so much for all your sweet words!
kirra- i know right! i heart lil' old santa clarita! wish i could move back!
and i just met ilene through your blog...i think. gotta love our small blog world! :)
you guys have been so inspirational lately! thx.

Cerisa said...

so...you didn't sock your 3 year old in the face?

Michelle said...

These are too cute! And I love how angry he looks about taking pictures! :)

Ciara said...

I love seeing new pics. I miss you all so much. You are like a model family. Russ looks good in flannel, Bro is funny with his tude, Noah is soooo big, and you of course are lovely...but what's new?