Our Noah, the Baby Model

We think he is destined to be a cover baby,
what do you think? :)

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Happy Halloween!!!


Nor Cal

We finally took a trip up to visit Cerisa. We had a fantastic time! We did so much that it would take forever to explain. Here are the highlights: Cerisa, Stanford, Chinatown, Ethiopian food (which is actually very tasty), Fisherman's wharf, clam chowder, the Blue Angels, the Lantin family, the Gaitan family, the joy of traveling and a teething baby, stink bombs (courtesy of Russ and Chinatown), and Fountains diner (the best dessert ever)! We can't wait to go back!

Lombardi Ranch

It was Noah's first Halloween, so we decided to take him to Lombardi Ranch. He had a blast looking at the animals, playing with pumpkins, and trying to eat rocks. We think we'll make it an annual trip.


San Diego Zoo

Well...It has been two years since Russ and I got married and we decided to celebrate in San Diego. We took Noah with us for two reasons: 1) he still gets the boob 2) he's too much fun to leave behind!
The Zoo was a blast! We went on Fri. so it wasn't too crowded and the weather was pretty nice. It was definitely warm, but not as scorching as the desert. The polar bears were sooo cute and all the monkeys were hilarious. They were for sure our favorites.
The best story of the day happened at the orangutang (I think I butchered that one) exhibit. First of all, the big male was trying so desperately to make love to one of the females. She would push away constantly and he would literally pick up her bottom and put it on him. Russ was getting a kick out of it. Next, we had Noah in his stroller pushed up right against the glass. The baby orangutang ran up, stopped right in front of him, and the two babies just stared at each other for a moment. They just sat there and looked at each other knowing the other was a baby too. It was sooooooo cute! People around us ooohed and awwwed.
After a long day of walking up and down steep hills at the zoo we decided to head to a delicious, much anticipated dinner at a seafood restaurant called Anthony's. It is downtown and right on the water. We had awesome crabcakes! Usually crabcakes are too rich, but these were perfect, I would totally recommend it. Next, we had yummy clam chowder. I wouldn't say it was the best I ever had, but it ranks really high up. Fisherman's wharf in San Fran is pretty hard to beat. Then we shared a plate that had fried shrimp, scallops, and fish. It was all very delish.
After dinner, we went to Seaport Village for a stroll. I hadn't been there since I was little. It was fun to walk by the water.
The next day we headed to Coronado. We walked around, drove around, and had an early dinner at Peohe's. We wanted to rent bikes, but we knew it would be difficult with Noah. Plus, we were pretty tired from all the walking the day before that we just wanted to relax. I decided that if we ever had the money, I would want to live in Coronado.
All in all, we had a great anniversary weekend. I can't wait for more to come! I love my boys so much!


I love us!


Ciara's 23rd- Morrocan style

When did my sisters become adults? When did I become so old?
Well, Ciara turned 23! We celebrated at a delicious Morrocan restaurant called Marrakesh. You walk in a dim restaurant that is draped with rich fabrics to make it look tent-like. We sat on cushions and little chairs set around a low table. They wash your hands for you with fragant rose water. Our first course was lentil soup. Then came yummy bread that you picked out of a basket and a plate of veggies. There were cucumbers, beets, cooked carrots, and (my favorite) sauteed eggplants with this really good sauce. Then they brought this ground chicken dish baked in filo with cinnamon and sugar on top. The next course were tasty kabobs: shrimp, chicken, and lamb. We finished it off with fruit, Baklava, and mint tea. We were stuffed!
Then came the real fun, the Belly dancer! The music came on and suddenly everyone became super shy, except for the birthday girl of course. Ciara was a sport when the dancer pulled her up. She was actually really good! No one else had enough courage to join her. They tried pulling up Brandon, Russ hid behind the camera, Cerisa held tightly onto Noah, Mom and myself took cover behind the table, and Dad...well he had no choice but to shake it.
We had a fantastic time!