this is our life...

a dirt backyard + a choc. lab + rain =
my worst nightmare :(

after being scolded for running into the house and getting cleaned up,
he sleeps while i clean up my muddy nightmare.
this guy has the life.

mmmm...the best strawberries from murray family farms.
sweet and delish!

i've been on a baking kick lately.
made this choc. cake for the guys

made blueberry muffins.
made double choc. chip muffins (not pictured).
now, i'm out of flour.
which might be a good thing.

this is the worst part about baking and cooking.
i usually try to clean as i go, but i just wasn't feeling it this day.

my guys.
they do me a huge favor when they nap at the same time.
(don't worry...i moved them to their beds)
i heart them so much!



our lil' bro is quite the character.
he is so sweet and so silly.
he definitely keeps me on my toes though...
but always makes me laugh while doing it.

this is the outfit he insisted on wearing one day.
ummmm....stripey pajama pants, a rugby shirt, and his "golf" vest.
uh huh...oh, and a plastic play knife tucked into his shirt.

after breakfast one day, bro kept telling me that he needed to get his tooth out.
he is only 2, so no loose teeth, i took that as he had something stuck in his teeth.
i checked...nothing. i brushed his teeth and thought the issue was over.
i later, found this in my bathroom.
are you kidding me?

and this is how i found him later that day.
all tuckered out on the living room floor after all that getting dressed and flossing.
and yes,
he is wearing red mittens, holding onto a DVD and a purple ruler.
this kid.
gotta love him!


happy mom's day!

mom ignacio
a.k.a. ma

mom griffith
a.k.a. nanny

these amazing women in my life are such blessings to me.
they have taught me to love God first, work hard,
love my children with all that i am, to honor my husband as the leader of my family,
and to enjoy life.
they are completely in love with their husbands. :)
they adore their grandchildren and would do anything for them.
they strive to do their best both in the office world and in the home world
all for the love of their children.
and for that i am so thankful!
i am the mommy i am today because of them!
i love you!
happy mom's day!