our lil' bro is quite the character.
he is so sweet and so silly.
he definitely keeps me on my toes though...
but always makes me laugh while doing it.

this is the outfit he insisted on wearing one day.
ummmm....stripey pajama pants, a rugby shirt, and his "golf" vest.
uh huh...oh, and a plastic play knife tucked into his shirt.

after breakfast one day, bro kept telling me that he needed to get his tooth out.
he is only 2, so no loose teeth, i took that as he had something stuck in his teeth.
i checked...nothing. i brushed his teeth and thought the issue was over.
i later, found this in my bathroom.
are you kidding me?

and this is how i found him later that day.
all tuckered out on the living room floor after all that getting dressed and flossing.
and yes,
he is wearing red mittens, holding onto a DVD and a purple ruler.
this kid.
gotta love him!


Ciara said...

Brody is too funny. I love this boy!