More Pumpkin Patch fun

Murray Family Farms

We took the boys to Murray Family Farms to pick pumpkins, walk through a big spider (hay) maze, and for a hay ride. Our friends Tim and David tagged along and we all had a great time. The older boys got their faces painted and Brody became victim to the mustache brigade. After seeing the others, Noah wanted no part of face painting. We got our little pumpkins and yummy pomegranates. It was a fun day!

One little bottle of Root Beer...

can create one massive mess. We had one bottle of root beer in the back of the fridge, and somehow, it froze a bit, and exploded. There was glass and soda in every nook and cranny of our lovely fridge. Thank God for my amazing and patient hubby, who cleaned the mess up for us. Love him!

Little Bro Bro




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Hallelujah Jubilee at Magic Mountain

Last month, we went to Hallelujah Jubilee at Magic Mountain with our church's youth and other friends. It was several different Christian artists having concerts. We had a fun, long day. We waited in line to ride X2 for I think three hours. It was a great coaster, but I thought it was too short. Russ and another group got on Goliath, I got on Bucaneer with a couple younger kids, and those were the only rides we got on, it was that crowded. But we saw Jeremy Camp at the end of the night, and that made it all worth it. He is amazing and annointed. We really felt Christ's presence.


Lovin' Papa's toast and JELLY!

Not lovin' the camera :)


My Amazing Sisters

I just love and admire my little sisters and amazing women that they are. Though they are younger than me, I look up to them. They are accomplishing amazing things with Christ's heart in everything they do. I am just so proud.
One is serving in the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa. The other just got commissioned into the U.S. Navy as an officer and is in dental school at USC. It is touching to see the lives they are affecting and the love they have for what they do. They are the cutest, smartest girls ever. Shash and Cheez, I love you!


Brrrrr...it is cold in Tehachapi!

While I am not the biggest fan of cold weather, I think the boys look cute bundled up in their winter clothes.

Noah's 1st letter

Noah received his first letter from his Auntie Ciara the other day. She is serving in the Peace Corps in Guinea, Africa. He was very excited that something in the mail was actually for him. He loved it! Thanks Ciara, we miss you!


Pretty flowers!

Russ' family came to visit and his lovely Vovo (grandma in Portuguese) and cousin Micheal brought me gorgeous flowers. I love fresh flowers in my house.

I thought I could take a quick shower...

boy was I wrong!

Dare-devil Brody climbed onto my desk and was playing with everything.

Nosy Noah helped himself to daddy's gum stash, he pushed the computer chair over to reach into the tall dresser.

Yikes!- Note to self: wait until naptime to take a shower-or-take the computer chair with me.