The boys put on their painting smocks and made a beautiful masterpiece. It is fun to see their creativity in the works. They were very serious about their painting and it was so cute to watch. They really did do a great job. I have the perfect wall for their work..my very plain laundry room. :)

Apple Pickin' Pics

Apple Season

September marks the beginning of Apple Season, so Russ' family came up to go pickin'. We all had a great time picking apples, eating yummy apple treats, and feeding the horses. We finished the day off with a delicious dinner at City Slickers (best burgers!) courtesy of Mom and Dad Griffith. It was really fun hanging out with everyone and we look forward to all of them coming up again in a couple weeks...the scrumptious pie apples aren't ready for a couple more weeks so they'll have to make a trip back up. Yeah!!!



My crazy boys rockin' out to their favorite song at the moment, "Promises." (You may have to hit the pause button on my playlist, at the bottom of my page, to really get the full effect).


Bathtime=One Bored Dad

Ummmmm...you have bathtime for two little boys, one bored dad, and a Nemo fish towel...and I guess this is what you get. Yikes!! Pretty funny!


The boys were looking through old photo albums and found Auntie Andrea's garter from her wedding. I put it on Brody's head like a headband and he almost instantly looked like a little girl. Though he is quite adorable, we hope our future daughter is prettier. It was a good laugh though. And he certainly hammed it up.


The boys love to play in our backyard which is yet to be landscaped. They have a great time because it is one massive sand, or should I say, mud-box. It is fun to see them have such a good time playing with each other outside, but boy do we reap the consequences when it's time to come in.
This little boy was more than ready to come inside, but I would not let him until he was stripped outside and carried in to the tub. Look at his sad face. :(

Just pitiful!

Look at those muddy toes...YUCK!

I guess he doesn't mind the taste of mud.


The Boys' First Tent

Brody got a little tent for his birthday and the boys love playing in this thing. It is easy to set up and keeps them occupied for quite awhile (which can be a nice break for mommy and daddy) . We'll have to take the tent for a spin and really go camping somewhere...or just take it to the beach before it gets too cold.