I love us!


Ciara's 23rd- Morrocan style

When did my sisters become adults? When did I become so old?
Well, Ciara turned 23! We celebrated at a delicious Morrocan restaurant called Marrakesh. You walk in a dim restaurant that is draped with rich fabrics to make it look tent-like. We sat on cushions and little chairs set around a low table. They wash your hands for you with fragant rose water. Our first course was lentil soup. Then came yummy bread that you picked out of a basket and a plate of veggies. There were cucumbers, beets, cooked carrots, and (my favorite) sauteed eggplants with this really good sauce. Then they brought this ground chicken dish baked in filo with cinnamon and sugar on top. The next course were tasty kabobs: shrimp, chicken, and lamb. We finished it off with fruit, Baklava, and mint tea. We were stuffed!
Then came the real fun, the Belly dancer! The music came on and suddenly everyone became super shy, except for the birthday girl of course. Ciara was a sport when the dancer pulled her up. She was actually really good! No one else had enough courage to join her. They tried pulling up Brandon, Russ hid behind the camera, Cerisa held tightly onto Noah, Mom and myself took cover behind the table, and Dad...well he had no choice but to shake it.
We had a fantastic time!