A Blueberry sucker and a Baby

So not worth the sticky mess, but certainly worth the laughs.

Playing with Daddy

Brody really enjoyed this and would fling himself forward fully trusting that Daddy would catch him. Noah however, was not a happy participant.


Cuddle bugs :)

Images like this make my heart melt. They climbed up into the chair by themselves and were watching tv together.

New Furniture...

well not really. We have Russell's parents old furniture in our bedrooms, stuff they got when they got married. They are really nice pieces, they just needed an update. So this is when my painting project begins. I want the boys furniture to be black, so far I love how their nightstands turned out. I still have to do a big armoire. In the master bedroom, I have yet to paint two tall dressers, a nightstand and a sleigh bed. I want them to be antique white. But when all is finally said and done. We will have new furniture without it costing much more than a couple gallons of paint and some elbow grease.

Oh yeah...and we got this FREE entertainment center off of Craigslist. I did not like the light wood color, so I painted it black. Pretty good huh? Not quite finished, I have to scrape the primer off the glass in front, but you get a good idea. I love FREE!


Today gas is...

$2.39 / gallon
That makes me happy, that means it is less than 30 bucks to fill up our car. Love it!
(since i posted this, it has gone done to 1.87, even better!)


A Voter's Perk :)

We voted yesterday and happily drove to Starbucks to claim our free coffees. It was a nice treat on a chilly evening in Tehachapi. And though the candidate we voted for did not win, we are still in good spirits because we put our trust in God. (And yes, I would still say the same thing if McCain had won.) God Bless America.


Hallelujah Night

We went to Hallelujah Night at our church for Halloween. The theme was "The Army of God" and we showed up as His asian army:) We all had a good time. The kids got dog tags, tattoos, tons of candy, there was a skit, some praise, a balloon room, and an obstacle course. The kids also got to decorate there own Swords of the Spirit. Our favorite costume of the night was Russ' friend Patrick who showed up as Patricia. It was hilarious. Dinner was also provided to everyone which was a nice treat in itself. It was a nice way to spend Halloween with our friends and family.