Brody Rowan update

Our little Brody is such a joy! We have been so busy with the move and so many other things that I have not gotten the chance to boast and brag about the newest addition to our family. Brody is very different from his big bro Noah. He was the sweetest baby, up until the colic that is. Thank God that it did not last long! Now that he is back to his sweet self, we enjoy seeing his personality bloom each day. He smiles often, but is much more serious than Noah. He is much more difficult to make laugh. The only person who can get him to crack up is his big bro. He has the cutest bubble butt! We like to call him "Big Booty Bro." His Papa calls him "Bright Eyes," which fits him perfectly. His eye color is really dark brown, yet they seem to sparkle. He says Mama and Dada among other babbly noises. He depises tummy time. He can sit up with and play with his toys and watch his brother play. He adores Noah. He loves to eat and is good at it. Unlike noah, he loves his veggies, he even prefers them over fruit. His hair is really fine and sticks straight up. I try to plaster it down with baby lotion, but within a few minutes, it is back in the air. He is a wiggle worm. You try to hold him and he tries to wiggle out of your arms, as if he can get down and walk or something.
We just love him to pieces and thank God for blessing us with another wonderful little boy.