What are they up to?

Well... Brody is 9 months old and FINALLY crawling. He is going everywhere and is into everything. He finds the grossest things and of course they always end up in his mouth. I love when they reach this stage independence.
Noah is almost 2 1/2 and we are working on potty training. JOY! Why is it so difficult? He had gone through some ups and downs. For a bit he was going #2 in the toilet everyday and going pee if we sat him on the toilet for awhile. Then, he rebelled and absolutely refused to go potty. He would run off and hide somewhere and go in his diaper. Today was a great day and we are hoping and praying that it has finally clicked. We put undies on him and told him that he needed to keep them dry. We just kept asking him if he was still dry or if he needed to go potty. Whenever he was about to pee, he would grab his crotch and whine. We would run him to his potty seat and sit him down. Everytime, he went pee. We were so excited and he was very proud of himself. We are crossing our fingers for tomorrow.
(Ciara, if you get a chance to read this, we are trying to keep you posted so that you aren't completely out of the loop. Noah still remembers you and still calls you Ra Ra. We love you and miss you!)

Black and Whites

I love black and white pictures.