the districts

went to the flower, garment, and fabric districts to pick up some stuff for my sister's wedding.
crowded, kind of a sensory overload, but very fun!

our little ham!

monkeying around with the bride to be :)

look at all the pretty fabric...
this gets me in the mood to sew!!!

this is one of what seemed like a million bacon wrapped hot dog carts

this one was interesting...hehehehe!

fave pic of the moment

my man and my first born...


what i want

russ and i are obsessed with boba drinks lately.
they were an acquired taste for me,
the thought of sucking up huge tapioca balls through a giant straw used to weird me out.
now i can honestly say that i'm hooked and i would drink one daily if i could!
my faves: good ol' milk tea boba, coffee tea with boba, peach tea boba
russ' faves: mango tea with half lychee and half boba, coffee tea with half lychee and half boba