future career???

the boys were playing with their mega blocks and noah said, "look what i made!" we looked up and he had built himself the cutest, most well designed airplane that you could make with baby mega blocks. he was so proud! and i was so proud of my three year old! he even had a pilot and a doggy in it :) i just loved seeing the joy on his face. who knows, maybe this is a clue to his future career. hmmmm...maybe it's time to upgrade to real legos :)


beach fun in oxnard






we spent a day in beautiful oxnard with my friend stacie. even though i didn't bring their swim suits the boys had a blast playing in the sand and chasing birds. i think our puppy moose had the most fun though. he loved it! he was running around, swimming, and playing with all the other doggies (which all happened to be choc. labs as well). it was a great day!

the boys and their best friend

i just love how these guys love each other :)



It's a gloomy day in T-town and for some reason I'm craving a cold, fruity, tart treat. So sad that neither of these or anything like it are near me.