what's a girl to do...

we've had this changing table/dresser for a few years and it has always bugged me a little bit. i just do not like the honey oak color on it, it looks old fashioned and out dated. we've even tried to sell it a couple times on craigslist, but to no avail. so it just sat, empty and ugly in our extra room. don't get me wrong, i like it's functionality a lot. it worked great for both the boys and the drawers are huge and holds lots of stuff. plus, it was free. while i was prego with noah and working at legacy, another teacher who's son was in 5th grade was getting a bedroom makeover. so she offered it to me free! what a blessing it was since we didn't have one and really didn't have the money to buy a nice changing table. it is a childcraft, so it is sturdy and heavy, which i like. but, it has stayed "as is"...
until last week :)

here it is, ugly honey oak
i didn't get a pic with it's hardware on,
but they were brass and wood...yuck!

here it is all sanded and ready for a make-over :)

one coat of "parchment white" paint
already looks a lot better

complete with new knobs and pulls from home depot
only 2 and 3 bucks...score! :)
i really wanted glass knobs and pulls to give it a more shabbified look,
but i didn't feel like spending the extra dough.

i am very happy with it now.
it sits in the front room looking so pretty, awaiting a guest or a baby.
LOL...in the far future of course! :)

monkey bread

complete with cinnamon and warm caramel :)
this is very dangerous to have on your counter
when you and your family all have a sweet tooth!


oh how i love you!

happy birthday to my amazing husband!!!
i don't how it's possible, but i fall in love with you more and more each day!
i thank God for blessing me with the man of my dreams
and for allowing our kids to have the best daddy ever.
i am so thankful...
for you!



made pizza from scratch for dinner.
it was easy and a hit with the guys.

good ol' cheese pizza for the littles.

bbq chicken pizza for the adults.



homemade cookies disappear when you have a 2 and 4 year old.
i seem to always find the cookie bag open and at the very edge of my counter. :)

while pure white snow is a beautiful sight, i am quite tired of the cold and very ready for spring.
kids and dogs get cabin fever very quickly when you are stuck indoors for days at a time. :)

two families came together to celebrate the engagement of
my lil' sis cerisa and her boyfriend christian.
so fun!

one very surprised, overwhelmed, and happy girl!

well done christian! her gorgeous ring!

my baby all grown up...and potty trained!!! yay!

a daily reminder on our bedroom wall, to dream big and to walk by faith.

things have been so busy lately.
it is a gift to rest in a warm bed and to wake up to sunshine!

i am his and he is mine. :)
so blessed!

we've encountered various trials over the last two years. seriously the toughest time ever, but we are thankful. thankful for all the blessings in our life which include: our health, our family, our friends, our GOD. we've stood on many scriptures and have prayed fervently. we have learned what it is to truly walk by faith and to not question our God. we understand that when we are weak He is strong and that His strength is ours. we have learned that any man can forsake us, but our God can not. He has supplied our needs and has a plan laid out for our family, a plan to prosper us so we can be a testimony to others. we have learned what it truly means to be patient...to wait...God has perfect timing and we get to worship Him while we wait. we are thankful and excited for the victory.
one of the scriptures we have stood on:
"count it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance." james 1:2-3
our circumstance was not going to compromise our love for Him as He prepared us for what was to come.
i know this was a pretty vague description of what's been going on, but you can clearly see our trust in the Lord...
which is what matters most.