what's a girl to do...

we've had this changing table/dresser for a few years and it has always bugged me a little bit. i just do not like the honey oak color on it, it looks old fashioned and out dated. we've even tried to sell it a couple times on craigslist, but to no avail. so it just sat, empty and ugly in our extra room. don't get me wrong, i like it's functionality a lot. it worked great for both the boys and the drawers are huge and holds lots of stuff. plus, it was free. while i was prego with noah and working at legacy, another teacher who's son was in 5th grade was getting a bedroom makeover. so she offered it to me free! what a blessing it was since we didn't have one and really didn't have the money to buy a nice changing table. it is a childcraft, so it is sturdy and heavy, which i like. but, it has stayed "as is"...
until last week :)

here it is, ugly honey oak
i didn't get a pic with it's hardware on,
but they were brass and wood...yuck!

here it is all sanded and ready for a make-over :)

one coat of "parchment white" paint
already looks a lot better

complete with new knobs and pulls from home depot
only 2 and 3 bucks...score! :)
i really wanted glass knobs and pulls to give it a more shabbified look,
but i didn't feel like spending the extra dough.

i am very happy with it now.
it sits in the front room looking so pretty, awaiting a guest or a baby.
LOL...in the far future of course! :)


Anna said...

ooo...i love refinishing furniture. It's like a brand new piece! looks great!