i read my bible and prayed this morning, this good friday. and it seriously brought me to tears, to think about the suffering Christ endured this day.
and he did it all for us! so that we can have new life and be forgiven.
he loves us that much!
earlier this week, i am not gonna lie, i was a little stressed (okay, a lot stressed) about this weekend. which family are we going to spend Easter with? what was i going to make for sunday? how am i gonna prepare it if there are so many in the kitchen? it is gonna be chaos with all the kiddos running around? all these things ran through my head with other things and chores that needed to be done in my own household.
wow, how selfish of me!
it is certainly not a burden to spend time with my family and to
the people i love most.
i needed to change my thinking. remembering what the Resurrection was all about allows me to re-focus on God's love for His people. it is an honor to serve others and to do it with the joy my Lord so amply supplies. serving others is serving God. i think so many of us forget that. even christians get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holidays and start manifesting self-pity and self-sufficiency. this is not what Christ wanted for us when he gave His life.
i am making an effort to be a servant and a representative of the Lord,
humbly, willingly, and joyfully.
it is the least i can do for what He did for me!


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Laura said...

Totally! It's so easy to get caught up in what's NOT important when it comes to holidays. Not that family's not important--but having everything "perfect" is so not worth it. We are blessed to have holidays to celebrate the life and resurrection of our Savior. He wants it to be a focused joy, not a burden.

utmommy said...

Perfect post!

Anonymous said...

You are a true woman of God. I am so happy you are in my life. Love you! ~Ciara