Our Noah, the Baby Model

We think he is destined to be a cover baby,
what do you think? :)

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Happy Halloween!!!


Nor Cal

We finally took a trip up to visit Cerisa. We had a fantastic time! We did so much that it would take forever to explain. Here are the highlights: Cerisa, Stanford, Chinatown, Ethiopian food (which is actually very tasty), Fisherman's wharf, clam chowder, the Blue Angels, the Lantin family, the Gaitan family, the joy of traveling and a teething baby, stink bombs (courtesy of Russ and Chinatown), and Fountains diner (the best dessert ever)! We can't wait to go back!

Lombardi Ranch

It was Noah's first Halloween, so we decided to take him to Lombardi Ranch. He had a blast looking at the animals, playing with pumpkins, and trying to eat rocks. We think we'll make it an annual trip.