Cake Batter Cookies

My BFF Anna shared this easy, but deadly recipe with us. They are delish and have become a family fave!

1 box of white (we use funfetti) cake batter
1 stick of softened butter
2 eggs
mix it all together
drop spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets
bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 min

The Battle is Over

Yeeeeah! We started weaning Bro off of his Diddy a little bit ago. He did well, he only needed it when he was tired and sleepy. So, for our own sanity we let him have it to go to bed. Then, he got a little cold and he was fussier than normal, and all he wanted was that darn pacifier. So...we gave it to him for a few days. When he was back to 100% I decided now was the time to put my foot down...with a little trickery of course. A friend of mine gave me some interesting advice, she said to cut just the end of the pacifier off, then they won't want it because it doesn't work. So, I gave it a shot and it worked like a charm. I cut the end of it off and when he fussed for his Diddy I gave it to him. He put it in his mouth, twisted around and around for a few minutes because something about it was not quite right. He finally took it out of his mouth to check out the problem and "oh oh," it was broken. In frustration he threw it on the coffee table. He did pick it up and carry it around in his hand for a bit, but he is officially done with his Diddy. Just for laughs we try to give it to him and he shakes his head no at us.


I thought Bro looked too cute in his tight jammies. These were purchased in Alaska by Russ' parents and were given to No. Well they have recently been passed down to Bro and I still love them. The back of them says, "A Little Bear Bum."


Fun Weekend

Russ and I worked our church's youth night this weekend, so my family so nicely volunteered to watch the boys for us all day. It made our day easier to not chase after little ones all day. Plus, the boys got a nice treat themselves when they got to play all day at Griffith Park. They got to ride the train, ride horses, and play at the park. Apparently, our fearless child Brody rode the biggest horse and loved every minute. Our more cautious Noah who requested the smallest horse, needed Chris (Cerisa's boyfriend) to walk around with him once before he rode by himself. They both had a blast though. We all went the next day to The Cheesecake Factory for a yummy brunch. I love my family!!!

No on his lil' horse
Brave Bro on the biggest horse

Bro on the slide

Cisa, Chris, and No
My lovely fam with my boys

No playing at the park

Me and my guys (excuse my nerdy glasses) :)

Chris and the boys (they love him)


The Battle of the Binky Has Begun!

Yes, we are finally weening Brody of his pacifier (or diddy as he calls it). With Noah, who was also very attached (to his Gucky), it was easier because we had a set deadline. We wanted him completely off before Bro was born. He was completely off of it at 16 months, a couple of months before his brother was born. Brody is almost 17 months and it is time. He is doing well during the day, when he starts to look for it, we just distract him with a toy or some other activity. I gave in yesterday when he woke up 30 min. into a nap and would not fall back asleep. He cried and cried, I stuck his diddy in after much frustration and it was seriously like a magic mute button. He took it with sheer pleasure and slept instantly for the next two hours! It is crazy how much that thing works. So, during the day, we are okay, he only really has it in his mouth when he is super tired, then he spits it out in his sleep. We are on our way and I can't wait to finally toss them all in the trash. It is kind of sad though, cause it means my babies are growing up.


Auntie Cerisa Capturing Moments


Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Noah is 3!!!
You are our bright, handsome, blessed little Nowie! We love you!