The Battle is Over

Yeeeeah! We started weaning Bro off of his Diddy a little bit ago. He did well, he only needed it when he was tired and sleepy. So, for our own sanity we let him have it to go to bed. Then, he got a little cold and he was fussier than normal, and all he wanted was that darn pacifier. So...we gave it to him for a few days. When he was back to 100% I decided now was the time to put my foot down...with a little trickery of course. A friend of mine gave me some interesting advice, she said to cut just the end of the pacifier off, then they won't want it because it doesn't work. So, I gave it a shot and it worked like a charm. I cut the end of it off and when he fussed for his Diddy I gave it to him. He put it in his mouth, twisted around and around for a few minutes because something about it was not quite right. He finally took it out of his mouth to check out the problem and "oh oh," it was broken. In frustration he threw it on the coffee table. He did pick it up and carry it around in his hand for a bit, but he is officially done with his Diddy. Just for laughs we try to give it to him and he shakes his head no at us.


Laura said...

YAY!!!! Isn't it amazing how quickly they adapt!

maicher said...