Fun Weekend

Russ and I worked our church's youth night this weekend, so my family so nicely volunteered to watch the boys for us all day. It made our day easier to not chase after little ones all day. Plus, the boys got a nice treat themselves when they got to play all day at Griffith Park. They got to ride the train, ride horses, and play at the park. Apparently, our fearless child Brody rode the biggest horse and loved every minute. Our more cautious Noah who requested the smallest horse, needed Chris (Cerisa's boyfriend) to walk around with him once before he rode by himself. They both had a blast though. We all went the next day to The Cheesecake Factory for a yummy brunch. I love my family!!!

No on his lil' horse
Brave Bro on the biggest horse

Bro on the slide


txmommy said...

how totally fun for them and for you :)

Natalie said...

What a fun day for the boys and for the fam. You have such a great family. I love seeing the pictures. When we come back, I can't wait to come and visit all of you.
I miss you a lot and miss you a lot.
Give your Mom and Dad a big hug for me and tell them I'm thinking of them. They look great.
Love n' hugs.

superior said...