The Battle of the Binky Has Begun!

Yes, we are finally weening Brody of his pacifier (or diddy as he calls it). With Noah, who was also very attached (to his Gucky), it was easier because we had a set deadline. We wanted him completely off before Bro was born. He was completely off of it at 16 months, a couple of months before his brother was born. Brody is almost 17 months and it is time. He is doing well during the day, when he starts to look for it, we just distract him with a toy or some other activity. I gave in yesterday when he woke up 30 min. into a nap and would not fall back asleep. He cried and cried, I stuck his diddy in after much frustration and it was seriously like a magic mute button. He took it with sheer pleasure and slept instantly for the next two hours! It is crazy how much that thing works. So, during the day, we are okay, he only really has it in his mouth when he is super tired, then he spits it out in his sleep. We are on our way and I can't wait to finally toss them all in the trash. It is kind of sad though, cause it means my babies are growing up.


utmommy said...

Good Luck with that one! That is one battle I'm glad we never had to deal with.

Natalie said...

Oh I remember the binky battle with some of my kids. It is kind of sad to take it away from them.:(
I love reading your blog. You are such a cute Mommy and your boys are the best.
I remember when I got to see you every day. It was such a blessing for us to have you with us. You are just awesome. We love you soooooooooooooo much. You have a really special place in my heart.
Love n' hugs

Dan-izie said...

Thank you so much! Weare super excited, hopefully mine will be as stinkin cute as your boys.
its so weird though!

happy late birthday noah!

Laura said...

Good luck you guys! I never had to battle this either--but Addie does have a blankie that we are considering getting "rid of." Scary. I know you didn't ask for help--but a friend of mine did something I had never heard of--she cut off the very end of the nipple so her son still had the pacifier, but it didn't "work." He quickly realized this and didn't want it anymore. love ya

jacker said...