My 3 (almost 4) year old Noah and I were having a conversation about Christmas. Russ and I have been trying our best to share with my kiddos what the season is all about...Christ.
Me: What do you want for Christmas? Do you want a bike?
Noah: I don't want anything!
Me: You don't want anything?!
Noah: I don't want anything, I want to make a cake for Jesus' birthday.
Me: Alright, we can make Him a birthday cake!
Noah: But I don't know how I'm going to give him his birthday cake, I guess I'll just have to give it to him in my heart.
Oh my gosh!
It is moments like these that I remember how truly blessed I am to have such amazing kids. I do not deserve my precious kiddos and yet God has entrusted me with them, allowing me to borrow them and to raise them up for His kingdom and glory.
Uhhhhhhh!I love them so much!


future career???

the boys were playing with their mega blocks and noah said, "look what i made!" we looked up and he had built himself the cutest, most well designed airplane that you could make with baby mega blocks. he was so proud! and i was so proud of my three year old! he even had a pilot and a doggy in it :) i just loved seeing the joy on his face. who knows, maybe this is a clue to his future career. hmmmm...maybe it's time to upgrade to real legos :)


beach fun in oxnard






we spent a day in beautiful oxnard with my friend stacie. even though i didn't bring their swim suits the boys had a blast playing in the sand and chasing birds. i think our puppy moose had the most fun though. he loved it! he was running around, swimming, and playing with all the other doggies (which all happened to be choc. labs as well). it was a great day!

the boys and their best friend

i just love how these guys love each other :)



It's a gloomy day in T-town and for some reason I'm craving a cold, fruity, tart treat. So sad that neither of these or anything like it are near me.


Yeah BroBro!

Brody told us he needed to go poop in the toilet yesterday. We are so proud of our 2 year old! We haven't really been working on him very much because I thought I'd wait until after the holidays, but this is a good sign.


Dodger game

Cerisa and I

Brody with his new bat!

Noah recovering after getting hit with Brody's new bat :(

The Cubs fans

The boys got free doggies at the game

Dodgers vs. Cubs

Walking to the Stadium

Our little Dodger family

It was about 100 degrees, we were in the sun for a couple hours, a bottle of water costs $5.75...but we had so fun with my sis and her boyfriend at the Dodger game. Chris is from Chicago, so he is a devoted Cubs fan. Because of our kind hearts, we decided the Dodgers could lose one game so that Chris could go home happy :) J/K Chris. The boys also got to run around the actual bases after the game which was pretty cool, even though my boys insisted on walking.



with our Loving God!
Read it!

Crazy Love
Francis Chan


The newest addition to our family...


Anna and Amadeo blessed us with this little guy and we just love him to pieces. The boys adore him and are having so much fun playing and loving on their new pup. He is the sweetest puppy and is so calm. He is doing good potty training and loves swimming!

We are so grateful to the Nevares' for giving us one amazing dog!
(Love you guys!)


Trampoline fun!

plus it was Free off of Craigslist!

who needs a pool

when you have sprinklers! :)


Happy Birthday to our Ciara!!!!

Happy Birthday to my sis...the most beautiful Peace Corps Volunteer ever!!! You have such a big heart and so much love to share with the world, we love you! When you are done with your work...Africa will never be the same :) Have a blessed day! Can't wait to see you in Sept.!


Beach Day

The boys love the beach and could play there all day! They were busy, busy, busy digging their hole...which later became their own personal pool. :)

New Hair!!!

Thanks to my unlicensed stylist, Anna! :)
10 1/2 inches off to Locks of Love!



the Human Mattress.


Hillsong United...here we come!

We are super excited about seeing Hillsong United on Monday at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. Monday night. They are a praise and worship band from Australia and they are amazing. I know it will be an experience we will never forget. Thank you Jesus!!!

* Also, we are so excited about my BFF being pregnant. It has something we have prayed about for a long time. We know that our Lord has perfect timing for everything and we are just so thankful. So yeeeeeeah! I am gonna be auntie...sort of :)


Happy 30th Birthday to my hubby!!!

It's not until tommorrow, but we're having a birthday date night, so I thought I'd share this now:)
So Happy 30th Birthday to my love!
30 reasons why I love my Muscle Russell:
1) He puts Christ first in his life and and makes sure that he teaches his family to do the same.
2) He daily and devotedly reads the scriptures and prays.
3) He is super, duper handsome
4) He is handy around the house, I am thankful for this!
5) He makes everyone laugh.
6) He is a good cook and the BBQ king. :)
7) He plays with the kids often and they have such fun together.
8) He's a manly man, loves to watch and play sports.
9) He laughs from his gut:)
10) He's an athlete, for real.
11) He helps clean around the house... a lot!
12) He is neat and tidy.
13) He enjoys yard work and is good at it.
14) He has nice (manly) hands.
15) He can dance, whether he is being silly or serious, the guy has rhythm.
16) He is a good driver and never gets lost.
17) He likes to sing.
18) He likes to cuddle.
19) Good kisser!
20) Best eyelashes ever! Would make any girl jealous :)
21) Makes the best macaroni and cheese! Ask any child who has been over.
22) Loves kids...and they love him.
23) Loving and respectful to all elders. Old women love him:)
24) He is loyal to his friends
25) Gives really good hugs
26) Wants a daughter
27) Appreciates good food
28) Wants to bless his family and friends always
29) Doesn't care about presents
30) He loves me so much and I know it! :)


Chik-Fil-A video

Found this video and thought it was funny, especially since he shares the same sentiments about our beloved Chik-Fil-A. Best chicken sandwich ever! (and sweet tea)
Don't forget to pause my playlist at the bottom of the page before you play it :)


Those were the days...

Kayaking, No kids (though there was one in my tummy), Just me and my Hubby


Whoa! He really was chunky monkey!


Happy Anniversary!

Happy 3 Year Anniverary to my littlest sis' and her man!
Love you guys!


Russ and newborn Bro Bro's view of the family from the nursery window. 8/10/07

An Oldie but a Goodie

I was bored and thought it would be fun to look at some old pic files on this computer, which we are borrowing from my sis who's in Africa.
This is when we went to Cerisa's graduation from Stanford. My sweet lil' No No is wondering "What in the world is on my auntie's head?" :)


The Goose Bump and The Shiner

This last week Daredevil Bro Bro has acquired his share of bumps and bruises.
This child climbs everything...and I mean everything.
He was a on top of the couch and decided to fly off of the top onto our hardwood floor.
The result= a large goosebump
A couple of days later, he face planted on a toy.
The result= his first shiner
Thank God he is a tough kid! I on the other hand, feel his pain everytime!

This one is cute cause you can see Big Bro No is laying hands on him and praying.
Melt my heart!

Looking proud of himself


Bro's Shiner

Proud of his first shiner