The Goose Bump and The Shiner

This last week Daredevil Bro Bro has acquired his share of bumps and bruises.
This child climbs everything...and I mean everything.
He was a on top of the couch and decided to fly off of the top onto our hardwood floor.
The result= a large goosebump
A couple of days later, he face planted on a toy.
The result= his first shiner
Thank God he is a tough kid! I on the other hand, feel his pain everytime!

This one is cute cause you can see Big Bro No is laying hands on him and praying.
Melt my heart!

Looking proud of himself


Bro's Shiner

Proud of his first shiner


Anna said...

Ouchie! poor bro! do you remember when rebecca got her huge good egg at cheerleading? those are so scary!!

Natalie said...

Poor baby! Gotta love that face though. The boys are to cute for words. Love you.