i believe.

with Christmas arriving...this song tugs at my heart. it is a great reminder of what God had planned for His people and what this season is all about. not presents or santa or "happy holidays." Jesus!!



i am always amazed by what my kiddos come with.
here is what bro, our 3 yr. old said this week:

bro: i want milk!
me: we don't have any, we have to go to the store today.
bro: (walks to the pantry and grabs a bag out)
but mom, i know what you hab to do!
you jus take deez moshmellows, and squeeze dem in my cup.

lol! so funny and so cute!
he was totally serious about it too
which made it all the more endearing.
i love what these kiddos say.
so far, milk comes from marshmallows
and cheese comes from the moon.


i'm 30!

i'm old! just kidding.
not really!

my hubby had the day off, so i got to hang out with all my boys
and we met up with my sister and mom in the evening.

this is where i spent my day:

la's farmers market
it's so hard to decide where to eat in this place!

the grove

p.f. changs
they have an awesome happy hour menu from 3-6pm
where everything is $3-6

burbank town center
we had fun walking around downtown burbank and the mall.
everything is so much prettier when decorated for Christmas!!