it's a bird...it's a plane...no wait it's superdork!
the kid has on his spiderman mask, his monkey pajamas, and his swim shorts on?!
yes, he put his swim shorts over his jammies! LOL!

our superhero sneaking to get those bad guys! shhhhh!

our little brody is quite the character.
he is so silly and loves pretending to be the superhero.
it doesn't matter if he is batman, spiderman, or superman...
he really enjoys getting those "bad guys!"
and we really enjoy watching him :)

eat your heart out...

cinnabon! :)

it was a cold, snowy day where we live, so of course russ decided it was the perfect day to make cinnamon rolls. i had never made them from scratch before and was eager to give it a shot. well, they turned out delicious and the griffith men were very pleased. cinnamon rolls are their favorite, especially noah. he could eat them everyday if he could. i see many requests for these things in my future.



the kiddos trying








it was mom griffiths birthday on jan. 3rd, and we were all together, so i took it as an opportunity to have our first annual ugly face contest. as some of you may know, this is something my family tries to do every year. i thought it would be fun to try it with russ' side of the family. there are a couple of good contenders. russ is usually hard to beat, but brad may have taken this one.
it's funny because i noticed that russ' family is more hands on...meaning that a few of them use their hands to help out in the uglyfying of thier face. whereas my family never uses their hands. there is no rule about the use of hands, it's just a difference i noticed between the two families.


happy 4th birthday to our sweet noah!

our noah is 4 years old today and i am overwhelmed when i think about how blessed i am to have such a funny, smart, and loving little boy. he is a great helper around the house, loves the Lord, and loves his brother so much. i think about how undeserving we are to get to borrow and raise him up for God's kingdom, but are so thankful for God's grace and his constant blessing over our lives. noah's brilliance surprises me every single day. i am so excited to see what the future has in store for him. happy birthday nowie!!!