Happy 30th Birthday to my hubby!!!

It's not until tommorrow, but we're having a birthday date night, so I thought I'd share this now:)
So Happy 30th Birthday to my love!
30 reasons why I love my Muscle Russell:
1) He puts Christ first in his life and and makes sure that he teaches his family to do the same.
2) He daily and devotedly reads the scriptures and prays.
3) He is super, duper handsome
4) He is handy around the house, I am thankful for this!
5) He makes everyone laugh.
6) He is a good cook and the BBQ king. :)
7) He plays with the kids often and they have such fun together.
8) He's a manly man, loves to watch and play sports.
9) He laughs from his gut:)
10) He's an athlete, for real.
11) He helps clean around the house... a lot!
12) He is neat and tidy.
13) He enjoys yard work and is good at it.
14) He has nice (manly) hands.
15) He can dance, whether he is being silly or serious, the guy has rhythm.
16) He is a good driver and never gets lost.
17) He likes to sing.
18) He likes to cuddle.
19) Good kisser!
20) Best eyelashes ever! Would make any girl jealous :)
21) Makes the best macaroni and cheese! Ask any child who has been over.
22) Loves kids...and they love him.
23) Loving and respectful to all elders. Old women love him:)
24) He is loyal to his friends
25) Gives really good hugs
26) Wants a daughter
27) Appreciates good food
28) Wants to bless his family and friends always
29) Doesn't care about presents
30) He loves me so much and I know it! :)


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Russell. It's true, I love you! Have a great day.