Dodger game

Cerisa and I

Brody with his new bat!

Noah recovering after getting hit with Brody's new bat :(

The Cubs fans

The boys got free doggies at the game

Dodgers vs. Cubs

Walking to the Stadium

Our little Dodger family

It was about 100 degrees, we were in the sun for a couple hours, a bottle of water costs $5.75...but we had so fun with my sis and her boyfriend at the Dodger game. Chris is from Chicago, so he is a devoted Cubs fan. Because of our kind hearts, we decided the Dodgers could lose one game so that Chris could go home happy :) J/K Chris. The boys also got to run around the actual bases after the game which was pretty cool, even though my boys insisted on walking.


Dan-izie said...

Fun!! I used to go to Rangers games all the time in highschool, especially on dollar hotdog night :-) They dont have a professional team here in Utah, how lame!

utmommy said...

Fun times!

Sidiki said...

Dear Charmela, Russell, Noah and Brody:

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, love and I can't forget the grits and biscuits! All of you are amazing, spiritual and fun, and I look forward to more pool days and dance parties. "I like to move it, move it!"
hugs to all of you!
love Adam