what's new...

visited the poppies in the a.v.
it was beautiful, looked like fire on the hills.
and caught this cute pic of my love bugs.

my sister ciara and her guy adam got engaged!
now both my little seesters are brides-to-be!
they have found amazing men who love the Lord
and i couldn't be happier for them.

gheeez! look at that thing!
a stunning (& very large) tanzanite, custom made engagement ring!
nice work adam!

borrowed the wii system from my parents so
this guy could actually play the games he had at home...
then we gave it back.
noah was disappointed, and i was happy to have my son back!
i like that he gets to play it at his grandparents' house,
but there is a very legit reason i do not want one in my house.
he wants to play it 24/7 and when i don't allow him to he whines all. day. long.

my longing to have a shopping spree at anthropologie
inspired me to learn to make rosettes.
i know...weird!
anyhow, they are super easy and now i have put them on headbands, clips, and pins.
i even made a cute little ring.
unfortunately, i do not have any daughters (yet!) to put them on.
fortunately, i do have a niece, another on the way, and friends with daughters.
praying i do have a girl one day to practice my crafting skills on!


Anna said...

I miss you Charm! You are so cute - i hope you have a kittle girl too!!