what i want

russ and i are obsessed with boba drinks lately.
they were an acquired taste for me,
the thought of sucking up huge tapioca balls through a giant straw used to weird me out.
now i can honestly say that i'm hooked and i would drink one daily if i could!
my faves: good ol' milk tea boba, coffee tea with boba, peach tea boba
russ' faves: mango tea with half lychee and half boba, coffee tea with half lychee and half boba


Laura said...

Awwww, I had these all the time in Taiwan. They are SO delicious. My favorite was with a fresh strawberry icee type drink. You can buy the balls dry at Chinese markets and boil them--in Chinese they are called zhen zhu.

c. griffith said...

i will totally have to find an asian market where i can buy them and make the drinks myself. i am sure it will save me some money considering how much we crave them.

Anna said...

I LOVE these! yum!

Ciara said...

I just bought the straws, the tapioca balls, and Adam's favorite tea/milk. All I need now is the plastic laminating machine, lol.