one proud big sissy

the tiny thing to the right of me, my youngest sister cerisa, recently passed her boards!!!
woohoo! smarty pants student
Dr. Cerisa Ignacio (soon to be Orozco) D.D.S.
doesn't that just have a lovely ring to it?! :)

ciara is on the far right of this neat pic!
she is not hard to miss 'cause she is lil', young, and beautiful!
this her on a panel briefing the United Nations on food security!
the gal has hit the big time.
she is at a table with people with Ivy League educations, masters degrees, and PhD's
(and british accents) haha!
and of course, though she was nervous at first, she did an amazing job and was by the far the best speaker on the panel. she answered questions after her presentation in english, french, and malinke. one woman was even so inspired by ciara's words that tears came to her eyes.

my little sisters are amazing and it is even more wonderful to hear them give all glory to God for their successes.
i heart them!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i'd be proud too! she sounds very gifted and intelligent. how cool is that?! and i agree - esp cooler to hear God be given the glory!

Anna said...

I'm a proud big "sissy" too!!

Ciara said...

I love you Charmie. You know we're the way we are because we had you to look up to. I mean it.

Cerisa said...

aww....i love you two :)