kern county fair

we went to the kern county fair last month.
it was called "best in the west."
i've been to several different fairs in cali,
this one really was the "best!"

bro dreaming of winning a stuffed animal.
and he insisted on wearing this outfit to the fair. silly boy!



food at the fair is insane and one can easily over do it,
but we choose simply and wisely this time around.
russ showing me the goods

these things were massive, he makes 'em look small.
they were hot, fresh, and the best corn dog i have ever had. period.

mmm...giant corn dogs.


turkey races. no joke.
look at the size of that thing.
thanksgiving is right around the corner!! haha


Laura said...

Your family is too cute!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i love fairs - and your family is so cute!!!

happy tuesday, friend. :)

c. griffith said...

thanks guys! :)

Ciara said...

That fair does look so fun. The pictures look so professional. I love the pic of Bro Bro.