i am always amazed by what my kiddos come with.
here is what bro, our 3 yr. old said this week:

bro: i want milk!
me: we don't have any, we have to go to the store today.
bro: (walks to the pantry and grabs a bag out)
but mom, i know what you hab to do!
you jus take deez moshmellows, and squeeze dem in my cup.

lol! so funny and so cute!
he was totally serious about it too
which made it all the more endearing.
i love what these kiddos say.
so far, milk comes from marshmallows
and cheese comes from the moon.


Anna said...

Ahhh!! He is so cute and that is hilarious! I want some moshmellow milk!

Cerisa said...

cheese DOES come from the moon. But the astronauts have to scrape it away...

legoman said...

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utmommy said...

That is too cute! I love the things kids come up with!