Thanksgiving Weekend

Highlights from our fantastic weekend:
-Russ and I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for our families...i think it turned out well.
-Russ and I got up at 3:30am for Black Friday, it was crazy out there!
-We played Wii with the fam and Noah loves it.
-Russ and I went out for my birthday w/o the kids, it was a nice break.
-The Youth Band & some others at church blessed our family with a trip to Disneyland,
a hotel stay, and spending money...all for helping them out, which we just love to do!
What a blessing! We are so excited! Noah wakes up everyday wondering if today is the
day we get to go to Disneyland...very soon! :)Yeah!


The Brandts said...

Thanks :-)
Im so jealous you get to go to disneyland, and at christmas time with all the lights, its going to be double the fun :-)

Anna said...

Fun! I want to go! Noah is like the perfect age to go...he will have so much fun!

Ciara said...

What an amazing gift! You guys deserve the best! I love the pic with Russ and Bro riding Dumbo. Russ makes Bro look tiny:)But I guess he really is tiny...I wanna see my newphews so badly!

googler said...