We had a great Christmas! It was technically our first Christmas in our first home. We moved in last year a couple of days before Christmas, so we were living out of boxes and went to our parents homes to celebrate. This year, everyone came to us. We hosted my family on Christmas Eve and had an unconventional, healthy, but delicious salmon dinner. The next day, Russell's side of the family came and we had a Mexican feast complete with homemade tamales, enchiladas, rice, beans, tacos, sopes, tortillas, and albondigas soup. It was yummy! Plus...it snowed! We actually had a White Christmas. It was beautiful! We opened up the drapes and blinds to watch it come down as we filled our bellies. We had a great time and it was awesome to spend time together to celebrate Christ's birth and all of His blessings. I just can't believe it's almost 2009. Crazy!