We woke up to a Winter Wonderland this morning! The snow is beautiful to look at and so much fun to play in. Noah is ecstatic! Russ and the boys made a big snowman in our front yard. It was so nice to see all the neighborhood kids playing outside in the snow, even though some had to dodge Russ' snowballs:)


** Dre and Yoho ** said...

soo fun! its been snowing here to! We love it!! how are you guys!? the boys are soo cute! love ya

Natalie said...

I finally have my computer up and running. It only took a little over 3 weeks to get a phone line and intenet service. There is nooo customer service here. Oh well at least I have it now.
I was so glad to have a comment from you. I was able to catch up on your little, darling family. You guys are sooo cute. I love you so much. Your boys are the best. I wish I was there to squeeze them and give them some hugs. Of couse you and R are adorable too. You are such a cute little Mama.
I miss you.
Love n' hugs.
We are doing great with some exciting work ahead of us.

txmommy said...

yeah for snow!!

Merry Christmas to you and your cute little men:)

Anna said...

How fun! Snow is so pretty, and just in time for Christmas :)

sticker said...