in the mood...

to revamp my entire house!
in my dreams...
diggin' the big empty frames

really like this ruffly white shower curtain
this one is really fun too, a lil' crazy for a house full of boys, but i like

i would like this pillow on my bed, so purrrty
i bet it would be so easy to make too

obsessed with jars lately

yes please!

and i would like my bathroom to look like this :)
look at that tub and chandelier

and lastly, i would like my boys bedroom to look like this.
this L shaped system would be perfect for their room,
but the cubs gear would be replaced by dodgers gear of course.


Ciara said...

hehe...I have always loved your sense of style. I wanna make my home purrty too! Love you sis!

Anna said...

Me too!! I'm getting sick of my old boring stuff - i need some life and style in my house!
...another reason why i hate living so far apart. We could be re-design buddies!

c. griffith said...

i hear ya! i'm so tired of my stuff, though i'm thankful for it all. i just want everything to be light, white, fluffy, and a lil' more girly. i did change my bedding. got a white comforter and made ruffly pillowcases, you would be proud! ;)
miss you lots!!!

Cerisa said...

hey-yo!! I hope the boys' room looks like that, too....GO CUBBIES! :) haha.