i am not good at keeping up with my blog.
i blog, and then i take a break from it. sometimes a long break.
when i finally take the time to download pics from my camera to the computer again,
then i blog again. alot.
so thanks for hanging in there and always checkin' up on me.
here's what we've been up to:

we had a free saturday which is rare around these parts.
so we got up and decided to take a drive through the desert.

we took j. camp along for the ride.
great worship album!

a wall in barstow. we stopped at the light so i took a pic.

we ate lunch at the original del taco in barstow.
we were excited to get out of the car and grub.
this del taco blows every other del outta the water.
notice the number, they bring you your food!

got an original taco. soooo yummy. simple and packed fullll of goodness.
why don't the other del taco's have food this good.

my handsome was super impressed with their food.
(what a cute guy!)

packed out!

nono thoroughly enjoying his original combo burrito.
the thing was huge!

we ventured off to the outlets in barstow to see what kind of deals they had.
they had a visitor center there too.

thinking these turtles were real. haha! they were. once upon a time.

nono and daddy after shopping.
best deal of the day was at children's place.
all of the toddler summer shirts were a buck!
let's just say, brody is covered for next year.

drove through boron. no offense to those who call this place home,
but yuck! definitely a scary looking desert town.
one you don't want your car to break down in at night.

a bit better than boron,
just a little.
we ate at the pizza factory here for dinner, not too bad.

made pioneer woman's cinnamon bread. it turned out so yummy!
i got her first cookbook for mother's day, it is a must have if you like good ol' comfort food.
the before

the after


ciara came home from new york one weekend to visit and to be in a friend's wedding.
it happened to be dad's b-day too!
lax is renovating.
if it was my first time there, i would be scared. it looked like a war zone.

shorty and tall-ey waiting for shash :)

nono showing his auntie where he got her flowers,
right next to the parking structure. haha

at marina del rey for dinner
nono convincing auntie cerisa to stick a quarter in the "telescope"
so he can look at the ocean

bro and auntie ciara

probably should have read this before they stuck the quarter in!
it was indeed "broken"

lolo and bro waiting to be seated at shangai red's
happy birthday lolo!!!!

lolo and ma

the kiddos always do this when the napkins are actual fabric

pirate noah and i

coconut shrimp. not bad, not bad.

my goofy husband and goofier seester

we went to a pretty wedding one sunday in moorpark
purrrty ciara as a bridesmaid

nono had to get shots for school on this particular day
noah showing off his war wounds after 4 shots. :(
he cried, i laughed.
not cause he cried, what kinda mother do you think i am!?
but because when the doc offered him stickers after,
he asked him if they had ice cream instead.

immunizations are no fun for anyone.

bro and i went thrifting one day when noah was at school.
it was a succesful trip!
found these teal jars for 2 bucks. i was so excited when i saw them.
they are exactly like the ones i was wanting! you can see in a previous post.

found these wire baskets for 50 cents each. score!
gonna use 'em to put stuff in. naturally right!
either will help me to organize my desk or the laundry room.

look at this mirror! gorgeous!
after i found the jars, i turned around and saw this.
10 bucks!
it's gonna be painted white. or black. or pink. or teal. or purple.
and it's gonna end up in my bathroom. or over my computer desk. or the guest bedroom.
haven't really thought this one through yet.

lastly, i found this awesome 1950's-ish chair.
it is still original, and it is super sturdy. not one wobble or creak!
5 dollars! holla!
i am gonna re-cover the cushion and possibly paint this bad boy.
it's new home will be at our computer desk. it is just the right size. :)

whewwww...that's all!
for now.


Cerisa said...

niiiiice! does this mean you're not going to blog for a month? :)

c. griffith said...

prolly so!

utmommy said...

Lots of good stuff! Great finds! LOVE the mirror!

Ciara said...

I really miss you all! Come visit me! ;)

Kirra Sue said...

hi there, :)

so i just read this post and it made me feel so many things!

love jeremy camp.
miss del taco something real fierce. your pictures made my mouth water.
loved all your fun finds.

so, so, so fun.