been forever

can't believe january was the last time i posted something! crrrrraaaaaaaazy!
here is a random overload to get us all updated! :)

the cuties...they are growing like weeds!

daddy turned 32 in march!

got a free computer hutch from a friend who is moving to australia.
i painted it eden green and it is the perfect thing to keep lil fingers off of the computer and keep all our clutter behind closed doors. i put cork board tiles on the inside of the doors, so our family/school bulletin boards are tucked away too. :)

auntie cisa came to play and take care of the boys while i was outta commission for a little bit.
all is good now though
and the boys enjoyed their quality time with auntie.
thanks cisa! for everything.

boys will be boys! these kiddos love the park and could stay all day long.

lovin' on each other.

nono had crazy hair day at school
and bro wanted to join in on the craziness too.

bro at it again! do not leave this kid unattended with markers! LOL
you should of seen his hands.

this is what i find on a daily basis. random boy toys.
lined up somewhere they don't belong.

bro and i on resurrection sunday!
praise the Lord for what he did for all of us!

nono showing us his favorite egg.

my handsome who is working so hard for us.
it's been a long time coming, but we are overjoyed for the awesome career God has blessed him with. he is doing so well and is on his way to promotion already! :)
we sure do miss him though!

because daddy has been so busy with work,
the boys savor every second they get with him.

we have even got to go with daddy on work trips and you better believe the boys love it.
these kiddos love hotels!

cisa had her bridal shower recently.
she becomes Mrs. O in several days!
ahhhhhhh! so exciting!
we are so happy for her and her man. they are one beautiful couple and their wedding is gonna be legendary! i just know it.


Melinda Cassol said...

Nice to see you again! Fun pictures, handsome boys!

utmommy said...

Love those boys of yours, they are so cute.

So glad you are doing better.