my bff is 30 today!!!
thanks for being the smartest, prettiest,
most kindhearted, most generous,
and funniest girl i know!
thanks for (always) being there
during the most
important times in my life!
we don't live very near,
but when we talk or see each other,
it's like we are still the 17 year old girls
we used to be,
staying up late in your room chatting about everything...
and i love you! :)

my maid of honor and i
(2 weeks before her wedding day)

us acting like kids in the bounce house
(love how the lil' boy in front of us is staring like we're crazy)

amadeo and anna


Anna said...

Awww I LOVE you! Thank you so much!

utmommy said...

Yeah, I kind of like her too!