He is officially Potty Trained!!! Yeah!!!

You can imagine my relief. Noah is officially potty trained! In retrospect, it wasn't so bad, considering that he is not quite two and a half. He proudly wears his Diego underwear and has not had any accidents lately. The last few days, he finally told us that he needs to go poop. Actually, he tells us he need to go pee, doesn't go, and then does this two or three times in a matter of five minutes. Finally, when he can't hold it anymore, he says, I have to go poop, and you can definitely tell that he is serious. So off we go, running to the bathroon. He loves to flush the toilet and say goodbye to his business. He gets his high fives, and a gummi candy if he goes poop, which he loves. We are just so happy for him...and for us.


utmommy said...

Yeah!!! That is a huge success;)

Anna said...


txmommy said...

whoo hooo!!