Poo Poo in the Toilet!!!

Our Noah went poo poo in the toilet! Here is how it went down- we were eating breakfast and he pointed to his butt and said "Poo poo mommy!" So I grabbed him, ran upsatirs, took off his diaper, and sat him on the little potty. He sat there for probably ten minutes. He was looking at books and at one point, I read him this Potty book we bought him. I decided to leave him alone and the next thing we knew, he was saying " All done diaper." So I looked and he went! We were so excited. We were high fiving and he even took a picture next to his potty. He loved seeing his poop in there. He loved it so much that he didn't want to flush it away in the big potty. We called everyone and told them the news. Look how proud he is of his little accomplishment!


Anna said...

you are in big trouble!! you never told me about your blog!!

You guys are the cutest little family ever and I just love you all to pieces!