this is our life...

a dirt backyard + a choc. lab + rain =
my worst nightmare :(

after being scolded for running into the house and getting cleaned up,
he sleeps while i clean up my muddy nightmare.
this guy has the life.

mmmm...the best strawberries from murray family farms.
sweet and delish!

i've been on a baking kick lately.
made this choc. cake for the guys

made blueberry muffins.
made double choc. chip muffins (not pictured).
now, i'm out of flour.
which might be a good thing.

this is the worst part about baking and cooking.
i usually try to clean as i go, but i just wasn't feeling it this day.

my guys.
they do me a huge favor when they nap at the same time.
(don't worry...i moved them to their beds)
i heart them so much!


utmommy said...

I love baking too! Only problem is that I want to eat it ALL!