happy mom's day!

mom ignacio
a.k.a. ma

mom griffith
a.k.a. nanny

these amazing women in my life are such blessings to me.
they have taught me to love God first, work hard,
love my children with all that i am, to honor my husband as the leader of my family,
and to enjoy life.
they are completely in love with their husbands. :)
they adore their grandchildren and would do anything for them.
they strive to do their best both in the office world and in the home world
all for the love of their children.
and for that i am so thankful!
i am the mommy i am today because of them!
i love you!
happy mom's day!


Patty Griffith said...

"Thank You", Charmela, for such wonderful kind words! You are a wonderful "Daughter" and a blessing to our family. It's such a joy to see how you love our Son and your boys. You truly are a Proverbs 31 Woman and we love you very much.

Patty Griffith said...

"Happy Mother's Day"

utmommy said...

Yeah for moms!!